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How to Pick the Perfect Lawn Tractor for Your Home

Is your lawn just too big for a push mower? You’re going to want to look into a lawn tractor. Riding lawn tractors are ideal for yards that are over half an acre. These efficient tools take your landscaping from being a chore to being something you can look forward to. They help you know you’re giving your lawn the care it needs with ease. Here is everything you need to know to begin your search for the perfect tractor for your [...]


7 Key Lawn Mower Repair Tips

If summer yard work is a regular part of your to-do list, chances are you’ve had to deal with a malfunctioning lawn mower before. Since lawn mower repair costs vary, you might decide to fix it yourself to save some cash. If you choose to go the DIY route, check out these seven helpful tips first. 1. Change Your Fuel Regularly A common complaint in lawn mower repair is a mower that’s not starting consistently or at all. One way to avoid this is to be [...]


4 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Farm Tractor

If you’re shopping for a tractor, it can be easy to be swayed by brand new models. 185,150 new tractors were sold in 2012, which proves that the farming industry is willing to spend big on new equipment. But there are many advantages to buying a used farm tractor instead. Here are 4 reasons why buying used is sometimes a better choice than buying a new tractor. A used farm tractor can be much cheaper New farm equipment is expensive, so buying used equipment makes [...]


5 Essential Hay Harvesting Tips for Farmers

Are you considering harvesting your own hay this year, rather than outsourcing it? If you’re a farmer, especially if you’re a Midwest Farmer, summer is likely very busy time for you. With so much that needs to get done, it can be tough to find the time to research the best hay harvesting tips. A lot goes into keeping your farm running smoothly, so let us provide a few tips to help your hay harvest run smoothly as well. 1. Look At The [...]


When to Fertilize Grass: 9 Tips for Healthy Lawns

Grass lawns are an integral part of American home ownership. In some areas, the grass grows easily and only needs occasional mowing. For other places, you need to know when to fertilize grass so that it can grow perfectly. Having a beautiful lawn serves several purposes: it makes your house look good. it raises the property value of your home. it is a good place for playing, relaxing, or having a picnic. it holds the soil together. Besides, a well-maintained lawn keeps you out of [...]


Summer Lawn Care Guide: 7 Tips to Save Money

Summertime is here! For many of us living in the Midwest, this is our favorite time of year. Summer is the season for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor parties – all of which can wreak havoc on your lawn. Hopefully you had the chance to seed, feed, and aerate your lawn during the springtime. Now that your lawn is primed for the summer months, how can you keep it looking healthy all the way until autumn? Read on for seven summer lawn [...]


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