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What You Need to Know About Farm Safety

You may not realize it, but farming can be a dangerous occupation. The annual injury and death rates compete with tough jobs such as military service. And as such, you must apply the right farm safety tips in order to avoid serious injury. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) believes agricultural safety can aid in the well-being of farmers. Taking precautions can prevent serious and fatal accidents and ensure the safe use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover, it prevents the loss of income caused [...]


Hay: What’s Best for Your Cattle’s Health?

The cattle industry has a long history in the United States and remains very popular. In fact, the cattle population in 2016 was over 980 million! Caring for cattle involves many details–most importantly ensuring you always have enough food on hand. If you’re preparing to enter the ranching game or want to reevaluate your current feeding routine, keep on reading. In this post, you’ll learn about what hay is best for your livestock. Available Hay Types There are two main categories of hay: grass [...]


Tips for Herding Cattle Easily and Safely

Did you know there are 93.5 million cattle in the United States? With projected cattle demand high for 2018, it’s more important than ever to keep your herd healthy and safe. Whether your operation is large or small, herding cattle is no doubt a regular part of your routine. Here are some tips to improve the ease and safety of moving your cattle. 1. Think Like a Bovine If you want to herd cattle effectively, you must first understand how they think. Humans are predatory, meaning we instinctively [...]


How to Avoid Summer Hay Fires

Yes, it’s that time of year to start preparing for fire hazards in the hot, dry climate of the Midwest. With just the smallest spark and a bit of wind, a small flame can turn into a blazing fire before you know it. This is why you need to take certain precautions with easily flammable items on your property, particularly with your summer hay. Let’s discuss exactly how you can avoid hay baler fires so you won’t put yourself or your neighbors [...]


Cool Barns and Other Ways to Help Your Cattle Beat the Summer Heat

If you’re one of the more than 2 million farmers in the United States, it’s likely you’re always on the look out for ways to better run your farm. Just like people, cattle suffer effects from overexposure to heat, including stress and death. So keeping your cattle cool is a legitimate concern if you live in warmer areas. Luckily, several options, like cool barns, exist for keeping your cattle happy during the hot summer months. Here are some helpful tips. Provide Ample, Cool Water One of [...]


Your Guide to the 2018 Cattle Demand

Despite the increased risk of drought in many U.S. states due a second La Nina winter, cattle demand is high. Plus, the projected profit on beef will continue to be favorable in 2018. On balance, the outlook for these important markets looks good. But there’s more than the weather to consider if you’re looking to earn a profit from beef and cattle. We’ve detailed the most important factors in this quick guide to the 2018 cattle market. 2018 Cattle Demand The demand for cattle [...]


Does Large Ag Matter to a Green Farm?

How much does Big Ag actually mean to your green farm? The truth might shock you. The organic farming industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Farms of all sizes are jumping on the organic bandwagon. Corporate agriculture might be affecting your ability to produce and sell organic products more than you think. Even if you have a small farm, Big Ag might still be present there. The following information will make your jaw drop: The “Big Organic” Industry A farm can be [...]


How to Drive Farm Equipment Safely on the Road

The arrival of spring brings many familiar changes, as the weather begins to warm up and daylight savings time arrives, allowing farmers to get busy with preparations for the planting season. With the change in seasons comes an increase of tractors on both country roads and highways, and this increase represents an increase in the number of automobile accidents involving farm equipment. It’s often necessary for farm equipment to operate on the highway to get from field to field, and back [...]


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