Guidance and Machine Controls

Guidance and Machine Controls

AutoTrac™ RowSense™

AutoTrac™ RowSense™ improves harvest efficiency.

AutoTrac™ RowSense™ improves yield quality.

Enhanced hardware.

Curve Track automatically drives curved passes.

Allows for corn harvest in many different crop conditions.

AutoTrac™ Controller

AutoTrac™ reduces operator fatigue.

AutoTrac™ allows for faster working speeds.

AutoTrac™ allows for faster working speeds.

Curve Track automatically drives curved passes.

AutoTrac™ Universal

Hands-free guidance.

Retrofit guidance solution for older John Deere equipment and non-Deere equipment.

iTEC™ Pro

iTEC™ Pro provides total equipment control.

iTEC™ Pro reduces operator fatigue.

iTEC™ Pro provides higher efficiency, resulting in input savings.

iTEC™ Pro works with straight track guidance.

Machine Sync

Maximizes the benefits of unloading on the go with automation by simplifying unloading and reducing spillage with varying sizes of grains carts.

Increases efficiency by showing the location of tractors and combine in the field.

Combine operator controls tractor speed and grain cart location.

Ensures proper positioning of the cart under the auger, without reducing harvesting speed.

Active Implement Guidance

Automatically steers implement to guidance line.

Has a positive impact on inputs.

Equates to high crop quality.

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