Field and Crop Solutions

Field and Crop Solutions

John Deere Section Control

John Deere Section Control improves machine efficiency.

Planter/seeder compatibility.

User interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.

John Deere Section Control allows adjustable overlap.

GreenStar™ Rate Controller

Reduces cab clutter.

Optional switch box provides manual control.

Component compatibility.

Planting and seeding operator interface.

GreenStar™ Rate Controller Dry

Integrate with dry box spreaders.

Compatibility with single-tank air carts.

 Compatible with John Deere Section Control.

iGrade and Surface Water Pro Plus

Easily perform land-leveling activities.

Control grade based on distance.

More precise ditches & more effective water flow.

John Deere Mobile Weather

Capture instantaneous, field-specific weather information from the sprayer cab.

Make on-the-go application decisions.

Ideal for both private and commercial applicators.

Improve record-keeping by documenting weather conditions during application.

John Deere Field Connect

Monitors moisture levels and feeds data to web-based interface.

Helps you make timely irrigation decisions.

Alerts you when moisture levels are reaching full or refill points.

Help eliminate over watering, reducing nutrient leaching.

John Deere Implement Detection

Save time and money by reducing setup time and eliminating errors

Industry exclusive, works with green and non-green implements

Monitor service intervals and track total implement life

Spend more time in the field, less time getting ready to work!

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