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Organic Weed Control Methods to Start This Fall

Farmers can have a hard time dealing with Mother Nature’s fickle whims. She doles out everything from heavy rains, to droughts, to crop strangling weeds. She can be especially had to deal with for organic farmers, since they can’t use chemical weed killers. But that doesn’t mean they have to stand back and watch as weed infestations wipe out an entire crop. Rotate, Rotate and Rotate Weeds grow fast and many of them are perennials, which means they come back year after [...]


Does Large Ag Matter to a Green Farm?

How much does Big Ag actually mean to your green farm? The truth might shock you. The organic farming industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Farms of all sizes are jumping on the organic bandwagon. Corporate agriculture might be affecting your ability to produce and sell organic products more than you think. Even if you have a small farm, Big Ag might still be present there. The following information will make your jaw drop: The “Big Organic” Industry A farm can be [...]