5 Tips for How to Choose a Tractor for Your Farm

5 Tips for How to Choose a Tractor for Your Farm

Many farmers, ranchers and landowners find it hard to choose when buying a tractor. There are simply too many options to choose from. Yet, it would be harder to run your farm without one.

Fortunately, we have some tips you can use to find the right one.

A good John Deere tractor will boost the overall productivity of your farm. For instance, it will help with plowing, digging, hauling, and tilling. It also helps with routine lawn care.

Moreover, these tractors will be comfortable to ride and easy to operate. They’ll also be powerful, durable, and able to move through different surfaces.

To get these benefits, though, you need to know what to look for.

Tips on Choosing A Tractor

The U.S is the largest beef producer and second largest beef exporter in the world. Running these farms without quality farm equipment would be difficult. Tractors are possibly the most important equipment of all. Yet, finding the best one for your farm can be a headache.

Here are five tips for choosing a tractor:

1. Consider Your Budget and Cost

First, consider your budget. The best tractors will be more expensive. Thus, you must decide whether you are willing and able to spend a certain amount.

Choose between a new or used tractor as well. The used one will be cheaper and may include many attachments that the previous owner will have bought as well.

2. Look at the Size

Next, look at the size. A large tractor will provide higher performance. Mid-sized ones offer more versatility and work best for smaller jobs.

Larger tractors may force you to make changes to the layout your farm to allow the tractor to navigate through various areas, such as widening gates or doorways. You might not appreciate these extra expenses.

3. Think about Function

The third step is to think about the functionality you want.You might need greater maneuverability for various farm terrains. Or, you might be towing heavy loads or hauling hay.  If you plan to work on it for several hours at a time, the tractor should be very comfortable to sit in. This will help prevent the injuries that come from poor posture while working.

Make a list beforehand of all the things you may want to use your tractor for.

4. Consider the Features

There are different types of tractors available that can support different types of attachments. Some, for example, have a drive-over mower attachment, while others use a pull-behind mower. Tractors come with  different sized gas tanks as well, so consider how you plan to gas up, since driving your tractor to the gas station isn’t always convenient.

5. The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Last, ask yourself what the reputation of the tractor manufacturer is like. Do they provide long-lasting and reliable agricultural equipment? Are replacement parts easy to come by? And is there a service company nearby?

Currently, John Deere offers the most reliable farm equipment on the market, as well as the most knowledgable service tech.

Learn More About Quality Lawn and AG Equipment

Using the tips above, you’ll be able to find and purchase the perfect tractor. Remember to also test drive the tractor before making your big investment.

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