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Organic Weed Control Methods to Start This Fall

Farmers can have a hard time dealing with Mother Nature’s fickle whims. She doles out everything from heavy rains, to droughts, to crop strangling weeds. She can be especially had to deal with for organic farmers, since they can’t use chemical weed killers. But that doesn’t mean they have to stand back and watch as weed infestations wipe out an entire crop. Rotate, Rotate and Rotate Weeds grow fast and many of them are perennials, which means they come back year after [...]


Tips for Getting Your Equipment Through Harvest Season

You spend months working toward the harvest, but when the time comes, do you feel prepared? We’ve got a few industry pointers for getting your equipment through the harvest season without any hassles. It’s not too early (or too late) to prepare your equipment for a plentiful harvest! Preparing Your Equipment for Harvest Season No matter if you’re using tractors, plows, drills, or another type of harvesting machinery, broken equipment can set you way back. You should spend some time preparing machinery to take on [...]