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How to Avoid Summer Hay Fires

Yes, it’s that time of year to start preparing for fire hazards in the hot, dry climate of the Midwest. With just the smallest spark and a bit of wind, a small flame can turn into a blazing fire before you know it. This is why you need to take certain precautions with easily flammable items on your property, particularly with your summer hay. Let’s discuss exactly how you can avoid hay baler fires so you won’t put yourself or your neighbors [...]


Cool Barns and Other Ways to Help Your Cattle Beat the Summer Heat

If you’re one of the more than 2 million farmers in the United States, it’s likely you’re always on the look out for ways to better run your farm. Just like people, cattle suffer effects from overexposure to heat, including stress and death. So keeping your cattle cool is a legitimate concern if you live in warmer areas. Luckily, several options, like cool barns, exist for keeping your cattle happy during the hot summer months. Here are some helpful tips. Provide Ample, Cool Water One of [...]