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Your Guide to the 2018 Cattle Demand

Despite the increased risk of drought in many U.S. states due a second La Nina winter, cattle demand is high. Plus, the projected profit on beef will continue to be favorable in 2018. On balance, the outlook for these important markets looks good. But there’s more than the weather to consider if you’re looking to earn a profit from beef and cattle. We’ve detailed the most important factors in this quick guide to the 2018 cattle market. 2018 Cattle Demand The demand for cattle [...]


Does Large Ag Matter to a Green Farm?

How much does Big Ag actually mean to your green farm? The truth might shock you. The organic farming industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States. Farms of all sizes are jumping on the organic bandwagon. Corporate agriculture might be affecting your ability to produce and sell organic products more than you think. Even if you have a small farm, Big Ag might still be present there. The following information will make your jaw drop: The “Big Organic” Industry A farm can be [...]