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How to Drive Farm Equipment Safely on the Road

The arrival of spring brings many familiar changes, as the weather begins to warm up and daylight savings time arrives, allowing farmers to get busy with preparations for the planting season. With the change in seasons comes an increase of tractors on both country roads and highways, and this increase represents an increase in the number of automobile accidents involving farm equipment. It’s often necessary for farm equipment to operate on the highway to get from field to field, and back [...]


The Latest in Hay Handling Technology

Any seasoned farmer can tell you growing the hay is only half the job. After all, hay bales don’t bale themselves, and they don’t haul themselves out of the field either. Hay is one of the largest crops in America. And its production is an integral part of the livestock industry. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, transporting hay bales from point A to point B has never been easier — or more efficient. So, what’s new? Let’s get you up to [...]