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How to Care for Your Winter Damaged Lawn in the Spring

After a long, cold winter, your lawn will need plenty of work to begin the growing season without delay. As soon as you see that the snow has started to melt and patches of your lawn have become visible, you know it’s time to begin landscape maintenance. Once the temperature of the soil reaches between fifty-five and sixty degrees, weeds will begin to germinate and it will be much more difficult for you to control them. Keep reading to find out [...]


How to Prevent Snow Mold in your Lawn and Garden

You know how scary certain kinds of mold can be. But guess what — there’s a type of mold you may never have heard of, but one you need to guard against. One of the most important aspects of winter lawn care is preventing snow mold. Snow mold can ruin the beautiful look of your lawn over the winter months. You spend much of the year on lawn upkeep. Imagine how dismayed you’ll be next spring to discover that your [...]