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4 Winter Yard Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Did you know a disease called snow mold can damage your lawn if it’s not properly tended before winter commences? And fungicides will only make matters worse. Your best option is in using preventative measures before winter even hits. Let’s take a look at winter yard maintenance tips for new homeowners. 1. Rake Your Leaves You’ve done an excellent job to maintain your yard throughout the fall. And now the cooler months are creeping in. But there’s still some straggling leaves falling on your lawn. Your first [...]


Winter: the Best Season to Find Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale

Americans love their yards. They consume a lot of our time because we enjoy making them beautiful. After all: if our homes are our castles, our lawns are our moats. The average American spends one hundred and fifty hours per year on lawn care. And while it is worth it to make our houses beautiful, there are also easier solutions. The colder months make winter a long way off. At the same time, they’re a great season for finding riding lawn mowers for [...]